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Omaha Beach (or any other of the major beaches) scenarios

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by New Age Santa:

yeah yeah, I know what you'll all scream "USE THE SEARCH BUTTON!"

Well it doesn't work!

Anyhow, can anyone show me any of the major beach assault scenarios(Omaha)?? If they even exist that is.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


New Age Santa, I have a few if you want them.

I will send them to you if you want them.

E-mail me if you want them.

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You may want to try Wild Bill's Nijmegen, it's on the CD, although I think he's updated it slightly on his BOOTS AND TRACKS web site. It's a nice taste of getting gunned down on a landing, but still eminently winable as the Allies.

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