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600mm gun

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by patboivin:

OK, as usual, I am confused.

I had read about one called Big Bertha, and I knew about Karl and Dora.

If there were six built, and their names were of Slavic gods, where were the other three from? Were they given different names, depending on who you talked to?


The Gerat 40 and Gerat 41 were mortars, stubby barreled things, riding on a tracked chassis. There were 6 of the Gerat 40 built, named Thor etc.

Big Bertha and the others(?) were railway guns, massive artillery pieces capable of sending a shell into orbit, so that it came back and smacked the gunners in the back of the head. This last part may or may not be true. At least they were different beasties to the Gerats.


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Guest Warphead-

The Karlgerät (=Mörser Karl) was built six times and was a tracked vehicle. Each one had the name of a slavic god.

The other ones were railway guns as OSGF pointed out. smile.gif



"Haben die Krupp-Werke Betriebsausflug? Da rollt ja halb Deutschland auf mich zu..." (Vincent)]

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I was just re-reading the battle for the Remagen bridge portions of "First across the Rhine, the story of the 291st Eng Combat Battalion" by COl David E. Pergrin.

The germans thru everything at them including the 540mm guns and V-2's in attempts to destroy the bridge.

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