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How about "CM2 - Russian front"?

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I like CM. At first glance I thought it's another stupid graphic war arcade like "Offensive", but I was really wrong.

It's a really good strategy like East Front and Close Combat, combining their best sides.

But I'm waiting for the continue - Soviet vs Axis - new tanks, guns, infantry units, tons of scenarios, company mode (like in EF).

Can I hope?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by von shrad:

I meant you can do more than hope. You can have. CM2 will be the Russian front followed by the Med. and Early war. Sorry for the confusion.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Where can I read more about Big Time Software plans?

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Well, bassically, you'll need to search plans.

but here's the gist of it. BTS have sold enough coppies of CM to fund a CM2 and beyond I hope hehe.

They plan on, in order:

- combat mission expansion pack. Details unreleased at this point.

- Combat Mission 2: East Front

- Combat Mission 3: Africa/Med

- Combat Mission 4: Early war, (39 to Dunkirk I guess)

And who knows what else smile.gif





*Film from the CM Front*


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ghengis Jim:

but i need to finish playing all the cm1 scenarios before I jump the gun on that one. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Wow Jim you've just accepted an impossible task, didn't anyone tell you it's got a scenario editor wink.gif

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Kursk .... Stalingrad .... Destruction of Army Group Centre .... Battle for Berlin .... Seelowe heights .... Rostov .... Odessa .... Kiev .... Kharkov .... Leningrad .... T34/76 .... T34/85 .... IS2 .... KV 1 .... KV 2 .... ISU 152 .... SU 76 .... SU 85 .... SU 100 .... Soviet Marines .... Cossacks .... Partisans .... NKVD .... Guards .... Siberians ....

Some day, it will be all ours (bwahahahahaha)!


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