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  1. Well my uncle and I were playing a hotseat game and we were in turn 6, which isn't very far, but we really do not want to start over. We were playing South of Sword scenario and I had just saved in the axis turn and I am the axis player. I saved our game as rjg1, and about 10 minutes later our power went out. Now when I run CMBO it says rjg1 as a scenario, but it is white, like all the other ones that are standard. It should be tan colored like all the other saved games we have. It also says that 'rjg1' is tiny, 0 turns, and the two sides are US and US. The scenario is actually supposed
  2. What is the best CMBO resource URL available? I have been out of the loop for quite awhile.
  3. ok, just got a new graphics card to execute CMBO, a elsa gloria II. (and i hope to do a little 3D studio max on the side). I am having problems getting this thing to work properly, anyone know of any problems compatibility wise with the gloria II and windows2000? Or an abit mobo? Or an AMD CPU? I greatly appreciate it. To elaborate, the problems start when i put the CD in to load the drivers. It gives me an error messege saying that it could not find the elsagII.inf file on the CD that it needed. So i loaded the ones from the elsa website and they just plain suck; run everything re
  4. OK, yes, i am an idiot; But, after you extract the new beta to the c:/program files/cmbo directory, do you have to re-start before the TCP/IP will work? If not, then it doesn't work properly. If so, then I will have already asked before I tried it and further established my inferior intellect. BYE
  5. OK once again I am confused... We have a hypothetical situation here, an infantry squad runs from point A to point B in a CM scenario: IFF computer user X AND computer user Y both start their same infantry squad in the same scenario at point A and both end at point B, are you telling me that these two infantry squads might actually wind up at different points on the map? now: IFF computer user X and computer user Y have different CPUs which do the number crunching, will this make a difference? now: IFF computer user X and computer user Y are playing an online game,
  6. Ok I am just a little confused. I play tons of games online. And as I understand it you can play just about anything online. How is this TCP/IP problem different from that on any other game? Number crunching happens in every game, and if you have a RTS, or any real time game, how is the "floating point" or "double" problem which was described any different from that in any other game? I say; If you have to, copy. We won't tell anybody. Borg never tell. =)
  7. barrold I could not agree more; very eloquently put, a truly great post. Major Tom, I would have advised that you had read barrold's post before posting yours, as it seems he pre-emptively countered your entire argument before you even started. Also, Major Tom, I don't mean to try to pick on you, but if you don't mind me asking, what exactly have you done for other needy countries that fully demonstrates your total comprehension of moral code? Have you passed out condoms in Africa, or only purchased goods from Taiwan? Just curious... (Sorry about that condom thing in Africa in advance
  8. Most would agree that in today's international scene, there is what we call a "global economy". Our country, a capitalistic nation, relies heavily on a competitive and free market. This market does not stop at our county's borders. For this reason, it is extremely important that we protect this market even when it extends over seas. If another country initiated outrageous tariffs for no apparent reason, this would hurt our country's market. Ultimately this action would damage the fragile global economy and it would definitely not encourage the growth of capitalism. Granted, the Cold Wa
  9. Elijah, But would you not agree that there are matters of both national sercurity and our national interest which would rightfully provoke our involvement in various regions around the world? (like World War II, for instance). You say that the US should spend its time fixing itself, but are domestic issues the only parts in which our country might improve? And many issues of the present day are enormously more complicated than what eminates. For example, an issue discussed in the first presidential debate was the energy "crisis" we have on our hands. We as a nation are faced with t
  10. As far-fetched as this may seem; I think that some political discussions do happen to have some relevance to Combat Mission. While CM wishes to focus solely on the military strategy in World War II, it seems all but inevitable to avoid the other aspects of the War. Some of those various aspects of the war include the social, economic, political, geographical and moral happenings of the war. Although Hitler blundered in waging war on two fronts, and this was largely a political blunder, this same blunder can be applied to a basic principle in military strategy: Do not divide your forc
  11. I would expect, and plan for the increase of sales with this new feature coming out. At least a good marketer would contribute to the rise in sales resulting from TCP/IP caipabilites. I have two uncles who love wargames but live in different states, and have yet to even purchase CMBO yet simply because it does not have the feature of TCP/IP. They have developed a dislike for PBEM through the East Front series and decided to wait for a good war game (multiplayer) that they can do online. So, I think TCP/IP will be awesome, and will be the stimulus for greatly increased revenue. There h
  12. long swords arn't REALLY dull, are they? How bizarre...
  13. Hadn't heard of Kelly's Heroes!!!!?!!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! ACK!!!!! hmmmm...Apparently these sophomores were part of the red army's infiltration unit(s) in the latter part of the cold war.
  14. sweetness...This book link you gave me gets better and better by the second. Thanks man!
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