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BTS: Can I play multiplayer with just one CD?

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This was discussed muchly in the past, and a search will reveal a zillion threads mentioning multiplayer or spawning, but no one specific answer was given. BTS hopes to get spawning into CM1, but that's the last that was mentioned so far as I can see. Hopefully Steve will give a response one way or t'other.


ps if you have time I highly suggest you do a search and tour through some discussions from early last year. Two (among others) interesting things to note:

1 you can see what the forum looked like in the Olden Days,


2 you can see posts from Fionn from before he had his dirty little mitts on the latest builds and he was just another slackass posterboy.


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Guest Big Time Software

Spawning is still our plan. We don't like the idea of limiting multi-player games due to the requirement of a CD-ROM. However, we have never done such a thing before so we don't really know. It will be one of the last things we try to do, so no answer is coming from us soon about final inclusion.


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Now Fionn, I've read many of your older posts from early last year.

You were no different, really, than any of the other knowledgable posters we have now.

And I second Doug's first point. The early discussions were really good. Everyone who hasn't should do themselves a favor and read through some of the old topics. Learn a little CM History.

Not nearly as silly as it is now (not that silly is a bad thing). Maybe it's all the new smilies...

Anyway, I'll second the call for renaming Fionn 'Slackass Posterboy'

It's just too funny!!

Jason (peparing for Fionn to give me command of the 417th Armored Bakery Battalion)

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I found the perfect "position" for you... You get to command the 517th Prophylactic Awareness unit. Your days will consist of lecturing surly combat troops about the importance of prophylactic use.

Additionally your nights will consist of counting the stores to ensure no prophylactics are unnacounted for.

The Allied Commander is looking forward to your in-depth (minimum 10 pages per day) reports.

Ps. If the Germans attack use bad language against them cause you sure as hell aren't getting any weapons wink.gif



Fionn Kelly

Manager of Historical Research,

The Gamers Net - Gaming for Gamers

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Ok Fionn, you;ve forced my hand.

Some evidence of Fionn, before receiving the demo, of being no better than the rest of us losers.


Member posted 03-08-1999 09:18 PM

All I can say is there better be a Kelly in there somewhere.

I might have to play the weak Amis BUT I'd do it just to command myself (schizophrenia mode activated ;) ) on the field of battle.

IF BTS is willing to incorporate this I vote we be allowed to add to the name database once released and rename units. I still get a kick out of naming units after friends etc and sending them into battle. Really hurts when they die you know ? ;)

PLEASE BTS consider it. We're being good I swear ;)


Member posted 03-21-1999 07:08 PM

Stabswachtmeister von Kelly ;) let's use those 350mm Nebelwerfers you're so proud of. Target that hill with the Polish flag on top and have the two Koenigstigeren follow up to mop up survivors ;).

Ball (and approximately 6 tons of explosives) re in your court Moon ;).


Member posted 03-26-1999 12:33 PM

Any chance of allowing US to man captured German weapons?

That might be a workaround for the mixing forces idea (as well as being a little more historically accurate since a few American unis heavily used German vehicles).

I'd imagine it would be easier for arty and tanks than it would be to implement changes in rifles used but its an idea.

Not sure how useful it is if you already include Germans vs US but I'm sure SOME people would want it hehe.. There's always a few ;)


Member posted 03-26-1999 09:24 PM

Again, I'm glad to see a lot of common sense going into the design. While I would take advantage of any design decisions in other games (allowing me to use enemy tanks ahistorically etc) I would deplore the fact they allowed this obvious bug to remain in. Glad to see this really doesn't appear to be a problem here.. Damn, I want this game now ;).

Hmm.. I'm in the unusual position of thinking things are coming along just great ;).. I'm a grognard. I grumble therefore I am but ur removing my grumbling reasons ;). Shame on you ;)..


[This message has been edited by Fionn (edited 03-26-99).]


Member posted 04-08-1999 07:41 PM

P.s. Keep on trucking. Avoid E3 and bring us the game hehe ;)..I'm REALLY looking forward to PBEMing this baby this summer.. Hmm ooh someone had better arrange a ladder system for this baby so everyone can worship me as the supreme CM player (BANG.. head explodes from excessive ego-driven cerebral expansion ;) )..

Still, it's a thought..


Member posted 04-09-1999 08:36 PM

P.p.s. It's late and I promise to reboot my brain before logging in again ;).


Member posted 05-07-1999 01:56 PM

Guys, you read right. There's three great interviews up at The Wargamer with new pictures and an exclusive after action report.

All written by the inimitable Moon (who actually got to see CM running ... I am SO jealous of him.).

Drop by The Wargamer, read them and let me know what ya'll think ok?

Fionn (Historical Editor at The Wargamer)


Member posted 05-12-1999 05:14 PM

How fast can that Weasel go?

I just had the amazing image of Charles and Steve in that Weasel being chased cross-country by a couple of 4 x 4 vehicle filled to the gills with wargamers ;)..

Hehe funny ;)... Anyways. beta in two months or so eh? ;) (salivating already.. I can't wait to get my hands on this baby and light up those cigarette lighters.. umm I mean Shermans.) ;)


Member posted 05-14-1999 07:40 AM

Uh, guys, given your renewed commitment to testing using battlefield conditions (you know, if you lose a game you get shot etc) will this open up more slots on the beta testing team?


Member posted 05-13-1999 01:24 AM

OOH I see the JagdTiger made it in then (cue endless mirth)..

You DO know that I have read accounts of its shells going through TWO Shermans in one shot and obviously brewing both of them up don't you ;). Now THAT'S a force multiplier.

Just remember, it's not the size of your gun that matters, it's the tactical positioning that does ;) hehe.


Member posted 05-14-1999 11:25 PM

LOL. Great. Thanks for being open with us again ;).

I'm sure everyone understands the need to be realistic about the time left for adding features vs the almost unlimited wants and wish lists ;).

Keep up the good work. Code like hell and ship us all beta real soon ;)


Member posted 05-12-1999 05:16 PM

OOHHMMM. Come on everyone BE THE GAME..



OOHHMMM think POSITIVE thoughts ya'll ;)

OOHHMMM Best strategy game ever thoughts ;)

I rest my case. smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

Fionn Kelly: Slackass Posterboy

Funny story relating to commanding a Prophylactic Awareness unit.

I went to college at Montana State University. We had a statue at the entrance to the university called "The Rocket" It was some kind of artsy statue that was pointed like a rocket.

For Condom Awareness Week my friends and I decided to "dress up" The Rocket. We got a box of trash bags that were condom colored. We then assembled a giant condom, complete witht tip. Using one of our members skill at climobing, he climbed to the top of the Rocket and we put the condom on. Great pictures of this 15 foot statue witha condom on it, and it even made it into the school paper because we knew one of the editors.

So I have some previous skill with my new staff position.


[This message has been edited by guachi (edited 01-21-2000).]

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I'm just funnin' ya!!

When I first started reading the board in August I read every post. I was going back through the earlier ones recently to get a bit if the history of how things have developed.

It just struck me that you were almost as fanboyish as most of us are now. Asking for a demo just like we are asking for the final release.

Anyway, you're the reason I even know about CM in the first place. I've enjoyed reading you're posts on c.s.i.p.g.war-historical ever since it's inception and that's where I first saw mention of CM.


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