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  1. Ability to make your own maps or random maps is very important.
  2. If there is no way to make your own battles or random games then it is quite useless to me...
  3. I don't think micromanagement is over powering in HOI. I would say it is just right if they would implement better way to pick distibution of your resource points. The sliders are horific and you can never get the right value!
  4. Found only one reference: "It has been variously reported that such materials were used to rout particularly well emplaced (as deep in caves) Red partisans near Kerch in the Crimea, late in 1942 or early in 1943, but I lack details on what precisely was used, by whom, and to what effect." http://www.battlefield.ru/forum/archive2/mb.cgi-warclub1+939332401.49855.htm
  5. Gas was used by Germans in WWII against Soviet partizans. There were partizans in catacombs on Crimea and gas was used against them.
  6. Anyone made campaign like that? This would make interesting change.
  7. This is common is some scenarios. I made a scenario where Soviets have only Molotovs against tanks. I have seen lots of 70 meter toses over the Church...
  8. I think HE is not powerfull enough in CM. My gues is that 5 short should kill pretty much everyone.
  9. Lets make CM club! I know http://www.meetup.com/ will lets us do it - are there more popular sites for this purpose? I would love to find people to chat with in person (By the way this is not an ad - I just would love to meet more players) [ November 04, 2002, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: killmore ]
  10. We could organize world wide CM club. This would help us to organize meetings, find opponents and new friends close by. I noticed that http://www.meetup.com/ would lets us do it easily. Any one interested?
  11. Coupon offers: Gun, Air, Full Face Mask, 100 Paintballs Anyone actually wants to play? I am going there right now!
  12. I got about 5 coupons for Paintball. I think coupons give you all of the basic equipment needed to play. They should take $20 dolars off anyway. Any CM players want to meet? Coupons are for Mr. Paintball field near lake wohlford in Escondito.
  13. I think some of us hint at the real problem. The tanks are not "real objects" in CM. They don't have real physical sizes attached to them. If they would then there would be no need to simulate "30% is turret". If you shoot at the turret directly from head on then only maybe 50% of the turret area is at 0 degrees rest might be at 60 degrees. I am not sure that this "physical size/shape" tanks can be done right now - it maybe too slow. In the future I hope objects will be simulated exactly - with their correct shapes and angles. Every infantry man by himself too. CM will advance in
  14. I remember Polish tankers destroying German house in "4 tankist and a dog". Drinking smashing plates, spearing the globe, rolling german LP records down the street etc...
  15. 1960-1980 are their release dates Some are black and white Stalingrad was made in 1989 Regarding "4 tankist and a dog" - yes Soviets are presented well in that movie. And yes they took my grandmother watch but she was still really happy to see them. They kept explaining that USA on the Jeep stands for "Ubijem Sukinsyna Adolfa" "Kill Son-of-a-bitch Adolf"
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