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1 hour ago, Vacillator said:

Do you have any photos from the happy day 🤭?

“Happy” may be a wrong word here, but otherwise, yes.

I‘ll upload a collection to my Dropbox and PM a link to you.

However, as so often: Photos  alone just don‘t convey enough.

Most impressive were Stephane’s explanations and comments, which really brought the slaughter alive.

Without them, the pic‘s just show the nice rural countryside, which the battlefield nowadays is.



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27 minutes ago, StieliAlpha said:

“Happy” may be a wrong word here, but otherwise, yes.

Apologies, it was my lighthearted reference to your meeting, not the context.  Thanks in advance for the photos.

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10 hours ago, Falaise said:

Hi Andreas

Good I hope that the stay in Brittany was also good!
it was very funny and unsettling to take a tour combining real history and games...

Yep, Brittany was pretty good, too. The country side not exactly as we expected, the temperatures could have been a little higher, but all in all: Pretty good.

I was surprised, how much WW2 relicts are left. Like bunkers on the beaches or forts in the cliffs. And we have not even been in Brest or St Nazaire.

Next time we‘ll have to visit the ships cemetery near Brest:


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