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My CM trove found--with unexpected treasures!

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Though in one sense, this is of academic interest only, since am still not CM capable, it was still exciting. As some of you may recall, was previously forced to give up my rented library/game room here at the house and move its considerable contents into my remaining two rooms. Much frenzied packing and moving resulted in losing track of many things, including the box with all my CM games, both CMx1 and CMx2. It was exciting to see items long unseen and to retrieve my CMAK period story anthology. But what was astounding was the shocking to me discovery that I owned twice as many CMx2 games as I thought I did! My belief, and strong recollection, was that I owned only CMBN (all modules) and CMBS, but I was stunned to find I had somehow acquired--with zero memory of having done so--CMFI and CMBS (no modules for either)! Maybe I got them via some BFC super deal. For sure, they can't be demos, because those are always DL only.


John Kettler


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