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Looking for PBEM opponent for CMCW or CMFB

G. Smiley

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I've been a CM player since a long time ago but have not been playing for a couple of years now. Bought CMCW this week and have CMFB installed since before. I used to use CM Helper with Dropbox but seem to have uninstalled CM Helper - I will need a reminder on how to exchange game files in the most convenient manner.

I prefer scenarios to QB, and preferrably not too large (large being massive number of units, map size does not matter). For CMCW, maybe Brauersdorf or Czeckmate? I haven't played through any of them but they look interesting.

Equally interested in FB and CW, side does not matter. 

One turn per day at least and during CET evening time (19.00-23.00) I would be able to get several turns in (and from time to time, also during the day).

Anyone interested, please drop me a line.




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1 hour ago, G. Smiley said:

I'm now also happy to play Shock Force 2 as I bought the big bundle with all modules...

Good for you.  Imo it's the best of the CM2 releases and since it's been around since 2007, there are thousands of mods and scenarios to d/l.

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