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Well that's a first

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6 hours ago, John1966 said:

And another thing. In the same scenario we got a Tiger and one of the crew who bailed out shot one of my platoon leaders with his pistol (before being taken down in a hail of .303). That's really annoying.

Without knowing the details: What exactly is the problem? If your platoon leader is in pistol range, he can get shot with a pistol.

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57 minutes ago, John1966 said:

Oh, it's not a problem. :) Just annoying. My crews are usually a bit panicky when they bail. This one wanted to win the war singlehandedly. ;)

Yep, some of the pixeltruppen want to die as heros. I once had a lone survivor of an infantry squad defending a crossroad in a village for 5 minutes. Nicely settled in a ruin until he ran out off MP ammo.

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1 hour ago, StieliAlpha said:

Yep, some of the pixeltruppen want to die as heros.

There's always that one guy left. Just had one being blasted by two tanks and two infantry sections but he carried on blasting away with his MP40 (they always have an MP40) for several minutes, causing casualties, until he eventually died.

I remember many years ago that there was a lone survivor with an MP40 in the corner of a field on my left flank. Could have ignored him but I knew he'd be a pain. Sent a full section to deal with him. As they ran down the road in single file up against the bocage, he popped and gave a single burst. All ten of them simultaneously showed the red cross of doom. Should have taken a screen print as I always wondered whether it was even ballistically possible. 

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