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Afghan National Police Pickup Mod

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This is supposed to be a Ford Ranger used by the Afghan National or Local Police. I don't think too many of those are actually fitted with a DShK but whatever. It also works with the recoilless rifle version I think. It is going to be needed for a scenario I am working on which is almost finished.

I provide it as a separate file but really I suggest you put it inside the Afghan Army Mod folder; this way it is easier to just remove the whole pack together when not needed.


Download :

https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdj2xkqd8y8u4h4/zzANP Pickup.rar?dl=0




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Right yes I figured. I mean you see DShKs mounted on pickups but normally not on the Ford Rangers from the ANP.

The reason I made this is because it bugged me to see the pickup with a Syrian flag on it. I only realized later it wasn't the stock pickup skin, but a MikeyD mod.

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