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Which game to buy?

Paul K

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I'm ready to venture into back into Combat Mission (own CMBO / CMBB and CMAK)

I'm considering Shock Force 2 Bundle or Black Sea with scenario pack.

Will the SF scenarios be migrated to SF2? As currently there a many SF scenarios and only a handful of SF2 in CMMOdS III.

How does SF2 compare to Black Sea with exception of theater?

Which one to get first?

Thanks in advance.

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A friend asked me the same thing recently, and what I told him was if you want to play mostly head to head, get Black Sea. If single player, get SF2. Both games are good for either type of play though. In Black Sea the combatants are more evenly matched than SF2. Black Sea is also the most modern from a tech point of view.

SF2 has lots of content, which is great for the player mostly battling the AI. Head to head players are more likely to use quick battles to arrange a good match, and the force balance is more important.

SF1 content works fine in SF2 even if it hasn't been updated to take advantage of the changes or additions. So the entire library of Shock Force user made scenarios and campaigns can be played in SF2.

Ideally, you'd get both, but if only one then it's a good guideline I think. I feel compelled to say again that both games are good for all types of play, but I do think they're a little better suited leaning one way or the other, given the forces on hand and the content that's been generated. Shock Force had a seven year head start after all.

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I see you don't have CMRT. CMBS is also eastern Europe setting (separated by 73 years) and uses the same terrain tiles and foliage as CMRT. But CMBS is Modern war with a capital 'M', taking place about a decade later than CMSF2 timeframe and no 3rd world opponent to fight against. You get lots of really exotic toys to play with in CMBS. If you've already got three CM games you'll probably be able to handle the title's high lethality. One criticism of CMSF2 is its not much of a 'fair fight' American forces versus Syrians. CMBS has the opposite complaint - EVERYBODY dies.

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