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23 hours ago, kevinkin said:

Interesting, indeed. I read through it only to the end of the war, but there would be loads to discuss.

First of all, it is „difficult“ to throw, even people with advanced military back ground, into a wargame with it’s own rules Even if, as in this case, somebody takes care of the „accountant work“, aka “logistics“.

Plus, “untrained” teams were forced to take strategic and operational decision probably far beyond their scope.

Then, this is not a game or scenario of a game series to end within two days.

Plus, much more...

But, I admit: Board games can teach a lot very quickly. I remember my first session of “Civilization”. Being a wargamer „by trade”, I started a border war with my neighbour. And we still fought our Stone Age battles, when the other players advanced to Iron Age.

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