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Blast Command Broken?

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Im playing a pbem both of us 2.01..  Started it just yesterday.  USMC v Syrian AB.  My engineer teams have blast charges but simply wouldnt do blast commands.  At first I thought the old parallel blast command from hedgerow days just didnt work anymore - that is setting the waypoint paralell to the obstacle so your team didnt storm through the hole.  But this is turn two and I gave definite orders because my teams just walked their happy a$$es around 100 meter wall to walk around it and then back insteading of blowing through.. which is an interesting way to scale a 4m high (approximately) concrete wall onto a 6 lane freeway... =/

I DEFINITELY used blast sucessfully just last week in the demo as the Brits, but havent in the FULL GAME 2.01.  This is using USMC.  An odd thought - the squads are unusually heavily burdened and only can MOVE, would that belay a blast order since they cant rush in?  And if so why?  Why cant I just blast parallel and belay the move order like before?

edit: well no.. cause one of the teams can quick move anyways..

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It works, you just need to make sure that the command you issue stays blast.  What seems to be happening is it turns into a quick command.  Easy fix just reselect the way point and  change to blast.  It has been posted on a number of times on the forum and submitted to BF.

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I've stopped giving Blast movement waypoints to the far side of a wall. I've instead been placing them on the same side of the wall as the troops, just slightly offset. That way they won't try to seek an alternate route around the wall to the waypoint, and they won't jump up and run blindly through the opening afterward.

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