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Book Review : British Army of the Rhine 1945-1993


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In light of what you said, am not buying that book, despite my interest in the topic. Would note for the record the statement of Suvorov, who was posted to the military end of the GRU in the  HQ Carpathian Military District and who read and analyzed agent reports. According to him, the BAOR was the only NATO ground unit that worried the Russians. Consequently, it was the object of ongoing intense military interest by the GRU, to the point where failure to state which direction two Chieftain tanks were traveling on a bridge got a blistering rebuke.


Wow! That's one brutal review, but it needed to be said. Credibility with the reader starts with getting basic facts right, for if that's not done, it poisons the reader's mind then and there, no matter how great what follows may be. Clearly, this book is simply awful in this category. Much appreciate the review.


John Kettler

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