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Anti tank mine

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14 hours ago, CanuckGamer said:

Will a halftrack or armoured car trigger a anti tank mine?  Thanks.

Yes.  All vehicles can set off anti-tank mines.  I guess you can think of them as anti-vehicle mines :D.  Infantry do not set off AT mines.  Vehicles set off both AT and AP mines.  AP mines will damage tracks on a tank and destroy a soft skin vehicle.  Of course there are also mixed minefields  so it can be dangerous to assume you are dealing with just an AT minefield or just an AP minefield. 

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ISTR the German AT mines and similar require 350 lbs to set it off.( now im doubting myself and wondering if it was like 600, I remember being surprised at the seemingly low threshold though) I actually thought about that once given how overloaded infantry is nowadays, I wondered if say an Lt, SSGT, and RTO were in a huddle and happened to be standing on an AT mine you.d think itd be enough to set it off.


In CMBN unless they fixed it and never mentioned it I started noticing tanks going on slow would set them off but only suffer minor track damage vs any other speed would KO or immobilize the tank for sure. Definitely would not take that info to heart if youre gonna be driving a tank around AT mines any time soon - you.re prolly f****d going slow or fast

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