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  1. Missed this one earlier, but there's a full campaign "Die Letzte Hoffnung" at the Scenario Depot. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battle-for-normandy-campaigns/campaign-die-letzte-hoffnung-v1-01/
  2. Z folder is for mods. Campaigns in the game files folder is where they go. Jyri
  3. When I reached the Town Square I saw an obelisk. so I took a closer look at it. One side read which made sense after I did the translation. The OTHER side however.... Now, that's just silly. Jyri
  4. Been a while since I played it, but if I remember correctly, the biggest "problem" is due to the TO&E changes between versions. While tanks still appear, after the first scenario, you don't get the full complement any longer, so you have to be VERY careful with them. Jyri
  5. No unlicense/uninstall available. Simply install & you're done. IIRC you get 3 installs initially and then 1 install added to the limit per year. Jyri
  6. Not sure what the problem is, but I replayed it when 4.01 came out & the only problem I had was the "running the wrong way in bocage" issue. Neither the AT gun nor tank issues occurred for me. Jyri
  7. I have seen AA shoot down aircraft, but it's very rare. In the "Road to Bastogne" (Fuhrer Begleit Brigade) campaign I managed to shoot down 3 or 4 in the span of the campaign. Considering you get up to a dozen or so AA in some battles it's still not a good total and most of the time you miss or manage to drive them off for that run if you're lucky. That said, when you know the opposing side has aircraft, it's usually another episode of that game show skit "How not to be seen" an hope the aircraft don't find you anyways. Now, I will admit that seeing a dozen flak open up & shoot into the sky is pretty cool to watch, and if they do hit the plane, the crash is VERY satisfying... Jyri
  8. It makes firing/using your weapons tougher/impossible depending on the level of damage received. Jyri
  9. Fired it up and I would agree that "hiding" in the woods is a good start. IIRC, the method I used was jumping from woods to woods, to close in to the objectives, making sure the rush was covered with smoke or the terrain since Russian fire was deadly. Do LOTS of reconnaisance before exposing your armour so you can get fire superiority. Worst thing was the airstrikes that seemd to know the exact location of my troops in the woods while they were hiding. Jyri
  10. If you look at the position of the machinegun in each, I would suspect the reason is because the US HT MG is up high, while the German is set lower (and with a shield to boot), which would allow firing even when butttoned up. Jyri
  11. Oh yeah. Big time. Total annihilation. It's been a while, but I believe jeeps/trucks will also do it. Not sure about infantry, but I think they might be able to set one off from time to time. Jyri
  12. Probably THE most amazing thing I ever saw in a game was when I called a 60mm mortar strike on an M3 Stuart to distract it while I could move my troops close enough to take it out & when the first shots starting coming down seeing it explode. When I rewound & watched it over I saw that a mortarshell went right into the open hatch, causing its destruction. THAT was something. Jyri Erik
  13. Didn't find a screen shot thread, so I decided to put this in its own thread. What can be achieved by sneaking up from behind .
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