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Old NATO Module never purchased can I purchase an activation # for it now?

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In the past, I bought SF1, the original Marine Module and the original British Module but never bought the original NATO module so now I only have 3 of the 4 old activation codes and I now want to have the complete SF2 game with all three of the modules including the NATO module this time but how do I at this time acquire access to the NATO module with an activation code so I can apply an activation code when asked to enter one if I purchase the "big bundle" SF2 package with all the module upgrades?  I see no reference to purchasing just a NATO module  that does not require asking for an original activation code,  Am I missing something here?  I was expecting anywhere from $35-45 for me to obtain a completed upgraded package once SF2 was released and new  modules were to be released.  I am aware that new 4.0 The British Forces and Nato modules have not been released yet and are a work in progress and maybe that is why I am not seeing those being sold separately now

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Not sure what you mean. All modules are availble the only thing pending is the actual campaigns associated. The originals still work but BF is updating them to CM 4.0 standards. In your case you can not purchase the big bundle upgrade and get the NATO module under the upgrade option. It only works if you had purchased it prior under CMSF1 and that window closed a while back. The NATO module would have to be purchased under the regular games section for Shock Force 2.

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On the product page the NATO-module-only purchase is on the far right of the top row. You click on the big icon then scroll down to 'purchase'. Its listed as $35.

What you're actually purchasing is the key to unlock NATO module so there should be no big downloads. Your CMSF2 already has all the NATO goodies embedded in it.


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