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Any chance for UI/usability improvements in this?

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There are certain small things that bother me about the game in its current state, and all CM titles, and I'm not talking about if the German infantry have the right number of attachments on their belts or the M1 Abrams has the correct number of sprockets.

Stuff like minor UI improvements that could make a big difference for usability and "quality of life" for players.

- Having a modifier for plotting routes, for instance holding down Shift, to make several selected units follow the same waypoints (NOT follow formation). Would be a massive time-saver for plotting road routes for vehicles.

- More mouseover tooltips on UI elements, especially stuff that's important, like rank, comms status. Ideally tooltips should be on all elements related to gameplay.

Certainly there other more important things the devs should prioritize, like performance and graphics improvements, unit balance and so on, but I think small things matter just as much on how the game is received, especially for new players.

Feel free to add your own, but we're talking about UI and usability here.

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Have long said that the current version of the game is pretty dam good as is.  Focus should turn to making the UI more intuitive and easier to use so that more complex orders can be given with less mouse clicks.   But, may have to wait for CM3.   Another reason we should start chanting for that.

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About plotting routes for vehicles: now mouse pointer shows whether a unit can move across a map tile.
This way you can find place where crossing rivers is possible etc.

IMO it would be nice if this same system could also show if a unit can cross a fence, wall etc. or does it have to find an alternative route on its own to go around this obstacle. These computer planned routes can often lead to very surprising and dangerous results. Like vehicle driving to an area that is visible to enemy. Or infantry becoming exhausted because they try to move fast for several hundred meters, when you intended them to make just a short sprint.

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