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ACOG for the US Army

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Something I've wondered since SF1 was released was why no ACOGs for the Army.  All rifles seem to have aimpoints on their models.  All info I can find suggest the Army contracted for these in 2007, which is in time frame for the game.  Though im pretty sure they were in use as far back as Just Cause in 89.  Are these represented in abstraction or were they left out of the TO&E for the Army?

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Army M4s in CMSF2 mount the M68 close combat reflex sight, first issued in 2000. The Army bought about a million of 'em with the bulk being fitted to M4s. Since most infantry fighting in CMSF is of the close-in urban type the no-maginifcation M68 would (theoretically) be preferably to the x4 magnification of the M150 ACOG. Not that I really know what I'm talking about in that regard. ^_^

I just double-checked CMBS and Army M4s do mount the ACOG, so the decision to mount M68 in CMSF2 appears to be deliberate.

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2 hours ago, Raptorx7 said:

The marksman in the US Army infantry squads sometimes carries an M4 with an ACOG so it is present in the game.

Never noticed that, will have to go back and look.  Thanks for the heads up.  Maybe it isnt represented graphically?  Ive got a lot of hours in SF1, but i guess I missed it.

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