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Installing to D Drive?


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My computer's C drive is almost full, while I have massive space on my D Drive, so I want to install all of my Battlefront games to my D Drive.  However, when I went to install CMBN, I did not get any choice at all for where I get to install the game.  I think this is the only program I've tried to install in the last 15 years that did that--is there any way to install onto a D drive (which is in my computer, not a network drive)? 

I searched for this topic, but did not find any threads...

[EDIT]:  Weird, I just went back and tried to re-install again, and this time I seem to be able to install to the D drive, at least so far...

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11 hours ago, PIATpunk said:

also note you can move your system documents folder to a different drive, so if you've got heaps of mods and your C drive is getting full, this is a good option.

Sorry, how do  you do this?  I actually have plenty of space on my C drive, but would rather put my documents folder onto my NAS, which is backed up regularly...

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Thanks, that very helpful and interesting...but two more questions: 

1)  any idea if I would need to re-install the games which use files in these directors for the games to work?  Having just reinstalled all of my games to the D drive, I'm not keen to repeat the process for the games which store files in the Documents folder...

2)  I I put these  directories on my NAS, any idea if it would impose a significant performance hit?  I'm thinking that usually files stored in these locations are accessed when loading/saving games rather than while playing them, but wanted to see if anyone has a better idea?

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