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New BBC British Army documentary series

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By sheer happenstance on one of the content aggregators I use, I found Army: Behind the New Front Lines. Most impressive. This episode from a series filmed over 18 months shows the British Army in Iraq in a purely defensive and advisory role supporting the Battle of Mosul, training Peshmerga and Iraqi troops alike, protecting key facilities, applying high tech leverage to support Iraqi and Peshmerga combat operations, teaching EOD and learning from their hosts about devices encountered and more. There is a wealth of material (gobs of crisp clean imagery of troops, kit, weapons, buildings, AFVs, soft skins, etc.) here for the modders, and what you'll learn about ISIS VBIEDs may curl your hair. Some of the armor protection looks like it would stop not just .50 BMG API but even SLAP. Speaking of the Ma Deuce, the British have theirs fitted with telescopic sights! VBIEDs, as of the time of the doc, had killed over 2K Iraqi soldiers! US Marines make a short sharp (bad day for ISIS) combat appearance, too. 

The next episode will address the British Army in the new Cold War. Strongly recommend you guys watch this series if you can. Would hang around, but Episode 2 awaits!

Forgot to mention there are some bloody video clips in the first video!


John Kettler

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