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CMBN "Contact Front!" AAR

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Here is my first video AAR for Bulletpoint's "Contact Front!". I chose to use the "Color Movie" effect in my video processing software to liven it up a bit but the color turned out psychadelic after uploading to youtube. I will probably not use this effect in the future. Anyway pretend you're watching the movie as a German solider circa 1944 who is high on meth or something. 


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  Very nice.  Fun to watch, even with the garish greens. :)

  I played the battle before seeing this.  I wanted to get my own first impression.  Ended up pretty much like you - but my casualties were higher.  I cleared the orchard finally, after walking my lads into a vicious ambush.  It was ugly. 

  I took the farmhouse and started to advance a little, but all my armored cars were dispatched by that blasted enemy gun or some really good panzerschrek gunners.  Dang it.

  Thanks for putting this together.  It was a tough battle.


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Thanks for putting this together, @Pericles. Very well done. It's extremely interesting to see how you went about the scenario, since while designing this thing, I kept imaginging all kinds of approaches the player might take.

On the end screen, it shows the Germans have 88 men remaining - well, they do, but most of them are at the back of the map and play no part in the battle. They are mainly there to make sure the AI doesn't surrender early, because in fact the Germans have quite few troops. Most of the contacts on the map are 2-3 guys at most.

I tried my best to make the most of them by placing them very carefully and making a web of fallback plans with triggers to avoid them getting flanked and destroyed. Also, I wanted it to play out as a chaotic ambush situation, From your video, it seems I was at least somewhat successful.

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Glad you enjoyed it guys. I think the mission time could be doubled safely to give the player an attempt at taking the last objective. With the existing one hour time limit, the player really has to rush forward hastily in order to take it... which isn't realistic imo. But a great mission overall, very immersive with the flaming jeep at the start and lots of ambushes. I'd like to make more of these, it just takes so damn long. Maybe someday the game will ship with a "movie maker" feature. 

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