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Largest Scenario

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You mean a brigade size? 

Its technically possible, although I think the max map size is something like 4km x 4km.

Really, a reinforced Battalion is the upper limits of the game engine and human control. I played a huge PBEM battle with @Abbasid111. a full battalion each. That was a monster, but for me a lot of fun. It's not often you wipe out almost an entire mech platoon with a single arty strike....

I'd LOVE to play a RT battalion size game but it seems no one has the balls :'(( or the time :(( .

If you want to play a Brigade size game, or simply push the map and engine limits as far as possible, I'm game. I'd prefer RT though, as a PBEM game is farrrr to distracting over 2-3 months.

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Ahhh but would you play it RT? 

For me, I find it very interesting to plan the battle,  then watch it unfold and fire fight as needed. It can be an incredible rush when you get in the groove. 

An 1hour RT Brigade game would probably require about 2-3 hours of preparation.... 

But holy moly it would be mental. 

If you want,  we could scale up from a company to battalion to brigade. 

I know of a decent little suburban map kicking around... Fog,  mech Inf,  UKR v RUS... 

Yes yes shameless plug :-)

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2 hours ago, TheForwardObserver said:

That scenario editor is a journey Jams.  I've spent more time going back and forth from the editor doing trial and error tests than actually playing the game because my brain doesn't properly digest the wording used in the manual.

It's not you, it's the manual. All the Combat Mission games I've played have had terrible manuals. Whoever wrote them has no training in how to write a manual, and experience doesn't appear to be helping.

Kinophile, no, I'm not interested in real time. I don't care for giggle-and-twitch games. :)

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