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Winter Mods now not loading

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Hi Guys

I have been using and very much enjoying the winter mods.  I created a 'z' folder into which I have placed all of the unzipped winter mod folders (and the 'great coat folders') as sub-folders - and it has worked very well to date - see attached.  I have not changed anything in terms of the folders since, but, for some reason, the winter mods have stopped loading.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Does anyone have any ideas as to a solution?

CMRT - Mod folders.docx

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Hi Markh,

Normally when a bunch of mod folders (Aris and the winter mods for example) are all lumped in the SAME z folder (like your screenshot showed) we had seen issues.

Usually it was like a T-34 had a white turret but Aris's hull....

But you are saying none of the winter mods are seen?

Please check that your scenario has the modtag imported for your desired case. [snow telo gc] for example.

With that you should at least see the snow terrain and troops in winter clothing for axis and allies.


But to solve a lot of headaches I eventually began to recommend a second install.

This is my step by step guide to the procedure for the 2nd install and to have separate mod "z" folders so you can have your cake and eat it too.
This also is the route toward allowing you to eventually play another guy a quick battle with both of you using the CMRT Winter Mod.



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