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triggered AI bunker exit


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How do I get AI units to exit a bunker triggered by enemy units?

The unit is in the right AI group and the trigger is working (another unit in the same group acts on the trigger). I've set 'passengers dismount' on both the exited order and the next one. But while the other unit runs the one in the bunker stays.


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Yes, as rocketman indicated you can't get the behavior you want.  I'm pretty sure that bunkers are treated as vehicles and those manning the bunkers as the bunker crew so you would need them to 'bail out' in order to get them to leave the bunker.  Passengers dismount won't generally cause vehicle crews to bail out which would be very inconvenient if you had tank riders and you wanted them to dismount from the tank.  Kubelwagen drivers will dismount though IIRC.

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Hopefully we´ll see some refinements with regard to scripted actions for pillboxes and crews soon.

I´d think of "faking" a pillbox crew exit by getting one on the map as reinforcement at the backside of a pillbox. Off course one needs to know the approximate time of the trigger to become activated, so one can set the reinforcement entry time accordingly. Depends upon actions you want to simulate.

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