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Flamethrower color adjustment question.

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What's the nVidia video card setting that affects the appearance of flamethrower / flame-tank streaming flames?
My video card control panel allows for the following video color settings adjustments.
    Brightness - 0 to 50%
    Contrast - 0 to 100%
    Gamma - 0.30 to 2.80
    Digital vibrance - 1 to 100
    Hue - 0 to 359
I have an older nVidia GeForce gtx 650 Ti.  My old monitor displayed flamethrowers as expected.  I upgraded to a newer monitor and had to adjust to new settings.  Now i can't get the flame stream to show yellow or yellow/orange.  Best I get is purple or grey.  Am using Aris' and Vein's "Effects" mods but didn't thing they affected Vehicle Pack flamethrower.  Thank you.

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Wow, that's odd. I recall a few years ago when I bought a new TV/computer monitor (it does double-duty) I was aghast with the picture when I got it home. I then spent a LOT of time tinkering with the monitor's own display adjust controls (not the graphics card) 'til I finally got the thing displaying to spec. Scared the hell out of me initially, though.  :)

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But don't you want your CM-games to look as good as possible too ;)

I know that it is more expensive, but a monitor that produces great color, contrast and a dynamic range is IMO worth it, considering the amout of time spent in front of a computer these days. The review I saw was for the Spyder5.

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For the Officer In Charge of the BFC "Lessons Learned" department.

The correct challenges to initial post are:

1)  Are your video card drivers up to date?
2)  Did you update your video card drivers after installing the new monitor to insure your system component software aligns?

Upon which the silly questioner will hearken to the exhortations of the wise and learned that one should always keep such drivers current.

Subsequent to which, when the silly questioner actually updates his almost three year old nVidia drivers, he will find that the software does in fact work as designed, as said software was actually developed on more up-to-date drivers itself . . . .

The spirit of Roseanne Roseannadanna lives on, my friends!  Good luck and good gaming.

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