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Occupy Objective Question

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Possibly a dumb question BUT,


Is it normal for a Occupy Objective victory location to disappear when you locate it?  Message received was that "Troops have located 'objective x' " ; the mission briefing states occupy.


I thought you had to be "holding" it when the scenario ended to count as occupying?  Does this mean I will get the points even if I move my troops away?


When I say disappear i mean the green background to the location, which outlines the objective AS's - 1 problem i have is that it was a large objective and I can't figure out where the edges of it were.


btw I have checked and objectives are STILL turned on (several others still visible)



Thanks for the help in advance and please feel free to abuse me or yell RTFM if necessary :)






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Hmmm that was my assumption - The scenario briefing definetely lists it as an ocupy objective. 


Would it be "gamey" to adjust my plans now as my opponent will be assumming I am going to garrison this location?  (btw this is a HtH game with a scenario.) OTOH it does give me a chance to recover from a major cock-up in deplyment :)


I will report this (after the game) in my feedback obviously.

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It could just be the briefing is wrong, or it could be a freebie - what scenario is it ?


Is the objective known to both sides as if not your opponent won't know about it regardless of whether it is a touch or occupy objective


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"Drive on the Dreijenseweg"  CMMG


Dunno whether my opponent knows the allied objectives; and I don't want to open the scenario as it may give me an unfair advantage.


I've decided to treat this as a designed error 

i.e. You have received updated intelligence/orders.  I'll discuss it with my opponent after the game is finished.


Many Thanks for  your replies.

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Well that's interesting because that's one of mine.


The intent here ( I think, as it was a while ago) was to give the Allied player some flexibility as to occupy all the objectives would be very difficult.  I won't say any more as you are still playing but we can pick this up when you finish if you like. But you are correct the error is deliberate.



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Thanks Pete Wenman,


I will give you some feedback (if wanted) when we finish; so far it's very "interesting" - in a nail biting - "OH GAWD WE'RE ALL GOING to DIE" way :)


Just a comment - I really like the idea of "misleading/flexible" briefings/objectives as this better reflects the reality of combat.


Anyway back to the game

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