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Shtora vs javelins and abrams

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RTA's new tanks are also fitted with Nozh-2. I don't know much about Duplet, but the RTA tanks don't have it fitted.


"Nozh-2" is a previous name of "Duplet".


but of all pictures of Thay T-84 I have not spotted an APS system on the tank.


APS like and ERA blocks can be mounted if this will be claim a situation. 

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There are quite many Thay T-84 pictures, some like that above, during operational use, some during parades, some during tests in Ukraine and some during the hand-over of the first batch from the factory, none of them shows any kind of APS mounted. Maybe it's ready and able, but there is no picture of a T-84 with such equipment and therefore no operational use. There's a reason why we got an APS version of the T-84 in game, but there's also a reason why such system is not visually represented in game.

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Most of the gear is in the manual matey.

Then it is just a case of looking it up.

hmm i didnt remember the manual mentioning type of ERA but i must be wrong. though the manual as far as i remember doesnt tell you what advantages scutum era has or relikt compared to k5 etc
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We all know what great terrain for armor exists in Thailand  :lol: It amazes me what these small countries spend their money on, while the major portions of their populations live in conditions that have not changed in hundreds of years. Maybe they need the tanks to protect the human smuggling routes.




Sorry to hijack the technical discussion, it all just seems so pointless.

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