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CMFI .bmp list

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Not sure if a list has ever been done. I have seen some file lists blow by but IMHO all of the bmps are organized in a certain file structure and it is not too hard to corral them when you need to.


If you please describe your actual goal, maybe I or someone more experienced can provide the guidance...

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I just thought of an analogy!


Many of the bmp files and mods are like a deck of cards.


Change out all the hearts in the deck to a different look. From your Raven brand to another Brand with naked ladies on the back? sorry if not applicable to your thought patterns... :D

This is like you pull all the stock (came when you bought the game) Ranger uniforms and replace with Lee Mac's new kick-butt Rangers in pink tutu's?

carefully replace every heart card with the same heart card with the naked lady!

If you goof up and miss one then the 5 of hearts for example might still not have the pink tutu.

If you goof up and add in a non-heart then the 8 of spades is a regular soldier and suddenly he has a normal jacket over his pink tutu. all wacked!


some mods are tagged like this [ranger] and I can go into more detail when/if we chat.

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I don't know what exactly you want to do with the mods but we can wait and talk on the phone this weekend as you desire.


As you get more experienced (and you will!) it is fun to then have no problem or fear to get in the folders to mix and match mods so to create your own personal stylized pack(s).


If you really get into this modding stuff, we gotta get you some graphics tools and you can put insignia and such on your shirts....vehicles too.



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I don't know how deep I'll get but for sure I'd like to be able to use the available mods out there to change up the appearances of the game from time to time.  To me it makes such a huge difference seeing 

different uniforms, terrain and vehicles, etc.  Almost like a new game.  Pretty exciting.  


I can't say enough good things about battlefront but the modders out there deserve a very big thanks also for they add a huge element to the game.  Long live the modders!  :-))  

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