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Bug? AP-round goes straight through armoured car without "penetration"

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I had an armoured car up against a hedgerow, taking fire from an AT-gun. A round seemed to go straight through the car, it killed the radio operator and caused the car to pop smoke and back off. So far, so good, but:


1: There was no "penetration" text.


2: There was no damage to any internal components, just that one casualty. I think that if a shell was powerful enough to go straight through the vehicle, it would cause at least some internal damage.


It seems to me that the game did not realise that the shell had penetrated the car, it maybe just traced a line through the vehicle, intersecting the crewman.


I've been noticing this type of bug (?) for some time. In another battle, I had several Shermans that seemed to be repeatedly hit on the front by a distant AT-gun, without any damage and without any indication of hits (no impact puff of smoke, no ricochets, nothing to indicate a hit that was deflected by armour). Like with the armoured car, the shell just seemed to pass straight through. And since the buttoned Sherman doesn't have any crewman model, there was no soldier to intersect like in the previous example. 


It only seemed to work from one specific position/angle, when I moved the tanks back a bit, hoping to get additional benefits from hulldown and armour angle, it seemed the spell was broken, and the following AT shells knocked out three of the tanks in short order.


I'm still on version 2.12, so maybe this was fixed in newer versions. Anyone noticed the same?

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Hmmm, a savegame would help, but I deleted my v2.12 install a while ago.


Just a thought: is hit-text toggled 


Hit text was toggled on, as I saw a couple of "partial penetrations" later in that game. But yes, I know a savegame would be good to have, unfortunately I don't... next time it happens I will be sure to save.

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I've had this happen in several games across the series. I'll give you the two most immediate examples and my thoughts on them:


Case 1: Black Sea; a BMP-2 was hit with a through and through in the turret at range by a T-72B3. "Weapon Mount" was shown as hit and the appropriate sounds of penetration occurred, save for no red text saying "PENETRATION" or destruction of the vehicle. Vehicle failed to return fire and was destroyed immediately thereafter.


Case 2: Red Thunder; a Marder-III exposing its side to my T-34 was hit at close range. "Weapon Mount" was again shown as hit and all occurred as in Case 1. A second shot promptly knocked it out. Curiously, in between shots 1 and 2, the enemy crew bailed out.


My best guess, and we'll use the disclaimer that its far from educated, is that its not showing penetration because its not actually hitting anything 'meaty' for lack of a better word. I know post-facto from my opponent that in case 1 the weapon was disabled by the fire but that it hit no crewmen and caused no wounds as it exited the vehicle. Case 2 is still an on-going match, against the same opponent so I'm not sure what happened to the Marder. Presumably the first shot also disabled its main cannon. 


Edit: I'm on the latest version for all games, however, I also know there's some dissimilarity to your instances but it might help.

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