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I just recently finished the Cesaro scenario, playing PBEM. Brilliant scenario. The first since a long time, where I constantly bounced between despair and relief. I managed a minor German victory, with more than 100 killed US tanks and vehicles, but was lucky that the game did not last a minute longer. In the end it was almost "Fury like", with my last Tiger being circled by a swarm of Shermans.

Any suggestions for equally intense sceanrios?

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Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed creating and play testing it too.  My playing partner and I enjoy large mufti-faceted games. There are two more Italian scenarios I created which you should also enjoy.  Both deal with the British 8th Army moving up the east side of the Italian peninsula. The first is Campobasso, a town with an ancient castle located east of Monte Cassino.  (My grandparents are from the area and the battles there interested me.) The second is Termoli, a small seaport on the Adriatic coast east of the Compobasso region. PM me if you want anymore info.


PS These were the first two games I created and have gone through some revision over time. Particularly my map making abilities.  I am currently play testing another Italian campaign called Le Quattro Strade dealing with the South African 11th brigade and their move towards Florence. Rocketman is play testing a Fictional scenario call DiSaronno for me. I hope to put both out in the next 2 or 3 weeks. 

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Sorry for the late reply. I missed your post. Thanks for the recommendations,I'll try them. Looking forward to your next deeds!

P.S.: cesaro was fantastic, indeed. The best, since I played a CMAK scenario. Some years ago.

P.S. no 2: Campobasso sounds interesting. I have a colleague named Campobassi. She is from Rome, though, but if the name speaks for anything: whoah!

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