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Crazy German!

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No, it was a retake from the movie "Fury"

Americans just training one of their own to be a soilless killer.

That stuff was always happening, right, No Wrong.

Actually crazy stuff has always happened, but it was very rare and now we act and promote it to be a very common aspect of war.

So, not a scene I appreciated in the show, just another example of what we are teaching our young people to do. and everyone wonders why there is getting so many crazies out there in the world.

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I don't know about real life but crazy stuff has always happened in CM. Most likely this was a bug - the German failing to "spot" the US troops as he wasn't facing the right way - but if it was a bug they should leave it in!

Or a good order unit was out there near enough to change his status. Have to see the full turn to know. Man that would suck though, some guy outside the window demanding he pick up his rifle and can't see the room full of paras. " but sarge, but nothing private pick up your rifle!"

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