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Looking for my first PBEM opponent!

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Yes you read that title right, I am looking for my very first PBEM game, here are the "rules" or honestly lack there of.


-I have CMBN patched to 3.0 with MG and CM but I DO NOT have the vehicle pack


- You can be any skill level, pound me into the dirt for all I care


- We can use any force mix, and you get to pick the country you want to play and if you are attacking or defending


- Preferable game size is small to a medium-small ;)


- I do have the latest version of CM Helper, however I'd prefer it if you started the game so I can get the ropes of how the program works


-I can put up a lot of turns over the course of a day


- Why did I put this offer here instead of the finder forum? well that forum is a bit "slow" so I figured it wouldn't be to bad of a crime to ask here.


So whose up for it? B)

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Raptorx, I have CMBN @ 3.0 and all Modules ( minus the Vehicle Pack ) and use Dropbox but not Hamburger Helper (download Dropbox if you don't have it). PM me your email addy and will send you over a Game File.


I like to play a few Platoon size Meetings before moving up to Reinforced Company size Engagements. 



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