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Trees overlay question


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Greetings folks!


I just recently discoverd CM and I think I found the game of my life  B)  I come from the flight simulation world in which aim a member of a acrobatic team in DCS World but I have always enjoyed board wargames which I still play today, be it boardgame or on PC I enjoy the stratigic element behind these games. On PC I play "Germany at War Barbarossa 1941" and "Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm". FC is the one I enjoy the most and one I highly recomend, but both a very good at what they offer.


Now back to CM, last week I bought CMBS which has me captivated  :D , so much that I also bought CM Touch and yesterday CMBN. I have watched most of ChrisND´s videos on YT and which I would like to thank for his effort and guidence, excelent job Chris, thank you so much! On one of his videos he mentions a key combo to remove the trees overlay on the map but I can´t remember which video I heard it from and he has alot of videos! So if a kind soul could please tell me the key combo that would be very nice. I don´t see it on the controls panel in the game menu.


Since aim at it, what mods would you recomend for a newbi and what is the best configuration for "quick battles" for a newbi? Iam doing quick battles for now to get the hang of CM before I start a Campaign so I can know enough before I get my butt kicked. Any help will be more then welcome from all of you who have more experience in CM. I have also watched the "armchairgeneral" videos which also help alot.


Another thing brought to mind is, is there a way to enlarge the text font on the comand panel? Us older guys don´t see to well anymore, and yes I use glasses  :lol:


I would also like to thank Battlefront for there excelent work with this series and glad I found you guys, keep up the great work! Kudos to all!


Best regards,



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Welcome aboard Mike :)


The key combo is ALT T. IN CMBS/BN etc when playing a scenario, in the UI (bottom right) you'll see a button that says MENU, click on this - it'll take you to a series of options, click on HOTKEYS. That gives you the various combos for switching on/off  some key game effects such as sound, smoke etc. The manual has full details about all of these and you can edit the key combos for movement/fire commands. Again full section detailing how you amend this to suit your own tastes (I'm not a hot used - I tend to do everything with the mouse and the in-game menu options).


As far as I am aware there is no in-game way to toggle the size of the text font. That's a function of the display resolution you play at. You might find playing about with display settings will give you larger text. I do recall a whole thread discussing this issue. Ah here we go - might help:




Have a fun! :)



George Mc

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Thank you for this warm and kind welcome, glad to be here George MC and Splinty, thank you!


I will have a better look at the manuals but was most concerned with the trees overlay. Yes I know "read the manuals", well when you have red 500 pages of a PMDG 777 flight manual, its like "oh no not another manual" :D  and that´s only one of the airplanes I fly in Prepar3d. Iam not much into hot key beindings in my games but its good to have that option, maybe later on I might use it who knows. For now aim using mouse and keyboard as with turnbased you can take your time which I love the idea. At first I was like "oh it says 30min battle, good a short one" haha I find myself two hours later still playing or thinking my next move, just loveing it! Thanks again George MC for your kind help!


Splinty, yes a rush head here! Been since the Hemesphires album, I was 14 then it has rained alot since but Rush has been together ever since! Red comes from the song "Red Barchetta" from Moving Pictures and well 2112 you know, beacuse my guess is that your a Rush fan too  :)


Well, if you guys listen to good music and play this great game/sim, I could not ask to be in a better place or with better people! Once more, thank you for your help and welcome guys!


Good care,



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