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  1. Thanks Vacillator. Did contact support, rolling back version worked for CMSF2, but not for CMBS so still on stand-by with that. Did a small video clip for support so they could see the issue but it´s been awhile since they got back and the ticket is still open.
  2. I have the same issue with screen capture in CM, so your not the only one.
  3. @Bufo Thanks, that´s a good Idea. Thank you both for your help. Red
  4. Hi all, I have CMBS and CMSF2, and with the recent patches (on both) when I choose any option from the main screen, be it Battle or what ever, the screen that shows the option I have choosen shows up full of little white dots. The loading screens shows ok, and same with the main screen, but any other screen shows up dotted. Both games run ok once in mission, but not the options/configuration/breifings etc. screens. I tried to get a screen capture but what I get is the main screen and not the actual screen I captured which is wierd. Any Ideas? Thanks.
  5. Havent seen them all but with the "Dutch" Forces CV90/35. Isn´t the CV90/35 (actually the CV90/40) effective range somewhere around 2,000mt. for ground and 4,000mt for air? Thanks CR for the upload! Red
  6. Thank you Erwin. That makes sense and is what I thought initially. I also guess that CMSF wasent as optimized as the newer engine.
  7. Thanks Ian for your help. I really enjoy the CM series, I think it´s great, but somtimes companies make questionable decisions. Let´s hope that now that everything (except CMA) is up to v4, which I fully understand that´s the way to have it and go, things for the future have a better mindset direction in all senses. Godspeed, Red
  8. I don´t know, I bought CMBN in it´s v3 state so to me it wasent like I was buying a old game. Actually with the upgrade it should have been like that, a newer game. Which brings me to my next observation, the "quick battle" generator. Was this something new in v3? The bug happens while choosing the quick battle, so it´s something that should have been fixed before the v4 upgrade a year later of v3. Then we have the issue of selling older versions, don´t want to fix them, then don´t sell them as it´s not fair for those who buy them, me thinks... I bought the upgrade v4, and as you stated, the bug is gone (fixed). But to be honest, I would have rather spent that money on something else, like the vehicle pack...
  9. I have a barebones (no added modules) of CMSF (Friend Ware/Paradox v1.07) and was wondering which mods from the above list I would not need to have in my "Z" folder for my core CMSF? I notice that map scrolling takes a bit sometimes now, could this be due to the added Z folder size? Thank you, Red
  10. Thanks IanL. Did get a reply from the help desk. Following there suggestions (install to default path) did not sovle the issue. Requested "Data" file screenshot sent and waiting on reply. I don´t see why a known bug should be fixed with a engine upgrade (a year later). It has always had this issue since day one (2015). Either way, thanks for the info IanL. Cheers
  11. Hi @IanL Hmm, interesting. Did what you suggested and it works! Thank you. Well, now I know there´s away around the issue... Hopefully support has a way to fix it how it should work. On stand-by and thanks! Red
  12. Hi @MOS:96B2P Thanks for help and guidence. Yes I´ll wait till they reply my ticket. Both instalations do the same thing CTD, as I tried having CMBN installed in either of the two paths, so don´t think it´s that. Will see what they have to say... Again, thanks! Red
  13. Hi, Maybe someone can help... I have this issue with the "Quick Battles" option since I bought the game. I recently Installed the game since I uninstalled it some time ago, and now the installer shows v3.12. So far so good! The game works fine if I choose a battle for example, but when I choose "quick battles" and change something in the options, let´s say like map size, or units to "mix", I then hit ok, It then CTD´s. This happend to me when I first bought the game back in 2015. The same with the installation path, it wants to intall it to "my documents". I also have CMBS and it works just fine, and it´s installed in Program Files (x86). I thought all this would be sorted by now but it seems not. Opened a ticket on help desk but thought I would ask here too. I brought this issue up back then but no one ever got back. Quick battles is like half the game for me so it´s a bummer it dosent work on my end. Red --
  14. Nobody with a Spanish PDF? Well, I´ll put in a ticket for him and see what Battlefront has to say. I know CMSF is cheap now, but it´s not a good way to get newbies into CM if support Ignors a request like this. After all I guaranteed him he would get a Spanish PDF with the full game as I have full faith in Battlefront. I now feel like I cheated him! Iam not saying something went wrong, maybe it did, but the game works just fine and I would say that a simple PDF file would be easy to get/send. Care, Mike
  15. Hi all! I spent a cuple of days over at my girlfriends house and took my tablet with me which has CM Touch and Frontline Tactics (Slitherin). I took a plunge into the Red Uncle Beach scenario and, well no surf was up for me LOL. I played as the U.S. and made my plan to flank both side as I figured that would be there weakest points, I also sent some units up center beach in order to attrack there fire, there artilliry had no mercy for them! I still wonder whay I had some AT units as I didnt come across any German tanks so I found them a bit useless. I manged to wipe out all there arty except the last one which is way in the back in the victory point, only two units made it there, beside having two of my units **** bricks and panic running away LOL. I only had two turns left with my two units so I lost the battle! As a strange note, there was a cuple of turns that I had with three of my units trying to get to the victory location with one German unit running alongside with them, with no fire between them, I guess they made friends LOL. Aside from the frendly run together, I just wanted to say that CM Touch is just as challenging as all the other CM module´s! Nice work Battlefront and thank you for this app! Care, Mike
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