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Calling Michael Emrys

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John it is sometimes incredible what you find worthy of a thread. Exchanging private messages is what the private message (aka PM) function is for.



Actually, where is Michael? I haven't seen him posting in quite awhile.


I hope he is fine. I dont know how old he is but from what i have heard he must be in his 70s or something.

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Fair point. The trick about such approaches is remembering to use them while tired, frazzled and urgently trying to solve a maddening tech problem (Michael Emrys has same rig and OS as I do, and SLIM was waiting on me to get things sorted out so we could play)! Am sure you've heard the one about how alligator superfluity detracts from swamp drainage effectiveness. This is by no means the only place where I've had this problem. For example, playing chill out music while stressed is a good thing to do, but what isn't helped at all by stress--which for me degrades cognitive function. And what else? Memory!  In any event, at least I posted it here.




John Kettler 

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