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True north

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I'm in first planning of a new scenario and will import a real location from Google Earth. However, I want ro rotate it slightly so that roads are aligned in a better way to suit the way roads are constructed in the editor, to avoid the unfortunate zig-zags.


Is there any way to make the compass in the scenario point in the correct direction as the real location's north has been altered in comparison to north in the editor?

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No. Or I suppose you could do a scenario specific mod that changes the compass' angle accordingly, but I don't see a point in it - I want the compass to align with the map for practical reasons, it doesn't matter where the 'real' north is when I'm leading my men into the meatgrinder.


But that should be the least of your concerns anyway. Note that since you can't adjust the sun's position accordingly, all shadows will be cast the wrong anyway! Everyone's immersions will be destroyed! :P

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It's far more important that the major terrain elements align with the editor. For example, road nets should align with the cardinal or ordinal directions in-game. Other road orientations will have jagged edges. No way around that, I'm afraid. Similarly with waterways and railways. Not to mention buildings and walls. Hill masses can be whatever shape you want. Crop fields do better in the cardinal directions, otherwise the edges appear jagged.


A minor bit of rotation and juggling for immersion is more important than verisimilitude.

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