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Help me modders: How do I make normal maps for my new bmps?

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I have Photoshop cs3. I have made some new bmp's for uniforms and have new pocket shapes for Hungarian troops. So, I need a new normal map so it looks its best.


My cs3 has no quick transformer ability like newer versions of photoshop. 


I tried to install an nvidia normal map plug-in but it never shows in my filters.  


I tried an online generator by cpetry.github.io but it gave me a very noisy normal map. Lots of tiny blotches on my final onscreen image.


I tied another program crazybump and it looked better but it didn't really pop out the details.


Is the BFC normal map really a normal map or is it a bump map?


Anyway, in my cs3 it does show image-adjustments-gradient map (and various color schemes that look very close to the BFC normal maps but not exactly). You can pick orange with blue, red with green. weird.


I am lost in the forest. Please help me find my way. Thanks   :D

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Hi Kieme,


Do you have a moment to walk me through it? I read the tutorial but it confuses me. I think it says it takes a normal map or height map as a TGA format file only and makes it an SSBump file?



 This program only accepts 32-bit uncompressed TGA normal map files, or 24 to 8-bit uncompressed TGA height maps. If you are planning to generate ambient occlusion you must store the height map in the Alpha channel of the normal map to be used.


I think I have just a BMP file and want a BMP file in a format as a normal map or maybe really it is a bump map? I need to save my uniform bmp as a *.TGA first?

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I thought the Nvidia Normal map filter is supposed to work with CS3. So it says anyways. Try the Nvidia plug-in for photo shop again. Mine shows up near the bottom of my filters list. If you get that to work then you are almost there. Its just a matter of selection, which axis to raise and what scale size to create for the bumps maps.

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