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QUESTION regarding the toggle trees command ALT -T

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Hi everybody


I was wondering while currently playing H2H PBEM games (with no floating icons because I prefer immersion, so I won't change that) that in CMRT if I toggle the trees to "stumps only" I get a comfortable viewing distance where the foliage toggles away for the near trees, so I can easily find my guys and further out the trees have there foliage still on and i am able to see what terrain has trees, so I get the best of both worlds.


But in CMBN I feel that the "tree toggling distance"  or rather "the trees get their foliage back although toggled" distance is much farther out and therefore looking not really good ....


So my Q is, anybody knows if there is a value in a ini. file or something where I can set the "disappearing distance" for foliage ?

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A bit off-topic for this forum, but I have to say that in CMBS I am finding that the trees retain their foliage noticeably closer to the camera, making it harder to pick up the icons for my troops. I can cope, but I can't say I like it.




Agreed.  http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118486-released-ramblers-cmbs-trees-hedge/ helps some with less foliage.

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A graphics setting modifies the distance that trees disappear and re-appear when set to the nearby trunks option. This isn't specified and may work differently for different drivers but I noticed this when doing some frame rate tests.


shift-{ and shift-} tinkers with this in-game from memory. Can't check right now as I don't have access. Oddly enough turning this option up (higher setting) results in the trees disappearing sooner and re-appearing later. So if you want foliage closer to the camera turn this graphics option down.


I basically set my graphics setting to get the distance of trunks/foliage I want as I feel this is more important to the look of the game than the detail itself. It feels a little different between CMBN and CMRT but CMRT and CMBS basically felt the same. Haven't quantified it.

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