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AD CMBN Terrain Mod

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Hello all,


Here is my much requested mod for CMBN's terrain. Again, almost all tiles are either from CMBN or CMFI, but I processed each to give a more even color scheme and retain color vibrancy while avoiding the fluorescent look of the original game.

I have done my very best to ensure that no work from other content creators has sneaked into my mod, but as this mod is really years old, I can not be 100% sure. If you find your work in this mod, please let me know and I'll either give you credit for your work or remove it from my mod entirely. This mod is also not nearly as comprehensive as my other mods, and a lot of original tiles remain untouched. I focused on the main tiles - grasses, dirts, forest tiles - as they make up the majority of maps and have the greatest effect on the overall look.










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