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Scenario Editor - Troops not staying where placed

Pelican Pal

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I've been working on a scenario and I've recently run into a problem.


I've placed a platoon of Russian Recon and Ukrainian Infantry and they appear in the right places in the editor. However, when loading the scenario to test it I find both platoons about 800 meters away from where I placed them. As far as I can see there aren't any setup zones on the map that would be causing this.


Anyone know of a solution?

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If they are part of an AI group with a setup area defined ("painted") in their first order, they may be moved from your chosen location to somewhere in that painted area. I would check that possibility first. AI plans can work without a painted setup area in that step of their orders. Just add a new order after the setup and start painting on the second order, with nothing painted under the setup order.

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I strongly suspect that @Macisle has identified your issue. I'll add a bit. Here is how I think about it: the positions when you "deploy" from the unit purchase screen are the default starting locations - for both the AI and humans. For the AI each group has a setup area that you can use to override the that default just like a human player might. Given that there are many AI plans you can create things so that they start in the default location for three of them and have two with different starting areas or any combination in between.

Also, note that during testing you might notice that often when you are setting up your side the AI controlled units are not where you expect them to be. I remember once turning off all but one AI plan to test it and starting the game; all the units were in their default locations instead of where the setup areas were. I went back and froth between starting the scenario and looking at the editor a few times before I realized that what I was seeing was the AI just not had its chance to do its setup yet and all I had to do was press the BRB and the enemy units all jumped to their expected locations.

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