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BMP-3 smoke screen?


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How far is the smoke canister expected to discharge from the BMP-3 when deploying smoke? When attempting a mechanized assault of a small village in the Russian campaign, I set my 3 vehicles to stop in a hull down position about 100 meters from the first buildings, deploy a smoke screen, and let the infantry dismount under cover. 


The smoke screen launched way farther than I expected, basically overshooting the buildings I was hoping to obscure. I seem to remember in CMSF the Stryker smoke screens launched a nice little pocket within a few meters of the vehicles. 


Is this just a difference in Russian vs. NATO doctrine?


I lucked out in this event, as the buildings in question indeed had enemy infantry occupying them. 2 RPG rockets missed and a 3rd was APS intercepted. 


Either way this is an awesome game. Maybe next time I'll dismount a little further back  :lol:

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