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  1. My most recent attempt at the US airborne Market Garden campaign, second mission Grafwegen. Machine gun in the 3rd floor has a good angle down a narrow street, so I managed to get overlapping smoke to obscure LOS and safely move : https://imgur.com/UCUv3hO https://imgur.com/fIwXyMj Yet the MG still managed to hit 2 guys moving across. Is smoke modeled as wimpy as it appears in game? Admittedly ground conditions are given as "medium" wind, so the smoke is dispersing quickly, but I was hoping overlapping smoke columns would do *something* while they were there. If that is t
  2. Either it's an optical illusion or those railroad tracks appear to be gently curving as they head over the hill? I was under the impression this wasn't possible in the editor, is this a new editor feature or did I miss something?
  3. I know that I would much rather face a mk4 than a stug, especially if my opponent knows how to manoeuvre it effectively.
  4. Thats the nice thing about German, you can just mash together existing words until you have a new one that fits your intended meaning.
  5. I have had reasonable success with the following: suppress building with heavy area fire from any available overwatching teams. If you actually need the structure to be standing (for future observation or base of fire points, etc), use light area fire from available AFVs. Otherwise, let the infantry teams send their HE at it. Do this for at least full 60 second turn (I play WEGO, this could be even further refined and the timing could be even better in real time). Then, for the following turn, change all area fire to "target light". Put a 10-15 second pause on assaulting team, then send them i
  6. Just to clarify, my experiences are purely from a recreational hobby that attempts to simulate (with varying levels of accuracy / success) military tactics. Someone with true hands on experience of the real deal will have a much deeper insight than I ever could. I agree, the game has some difficulty simulating combat within the type of environments you are describing. I know it has been brought up many times before, and it is something I would love to see improved. MOUT simulation in general is difficult because of the layers upon layers of variability that go in to any particular situat
  7. I recently attending a force-on-force military simulation event, and had the opportunity to use simulation grenade pyrotechnics. While I had used them in previous events, this was the first time using them in a MOUT type environment, and it quickly became evident how difficult it was to lob them into buildings. The number of times I watched guys try to pitch them up into a second story window, only to have it bounce down the outer wall - I would not be surprised if it were strictly against military SOPs to try such a stunt with live munitions. Even getting them into a first floor window from a
  8. Loaded up "A December Morning" - the off-map 81mm mortars don't have any UI icon when pulled up in my arty selection box. To clarify - the mortars can be selected, but the silhouette icon is absent. Is this normal? I remember other titles having icons for each gun / mortar available. Otherwise - this map looks amazing!
  9. I'm pretty computer illiterate when it comes to technical specifications, but it looks like I have 4 GB of onboard memory and 128 GB PCle based flash storage.
  10. I have an ongoing PBEM game - all has been fine for 10 or so turns. Tonight I try to load the most recent turn and the game freezes at 28% loaded each time. I am getting a "Your system has run out of application memory" alert following the game crash. I tried loading previous turns of the PBEM and it works fine, and I loaded up the largest single-player battle I could find, and it is purring along without a problem. All my other CM titles work fine, including other large PBEMs. Wondering if there is a file issue with this particular turn, perhaps it was corrupted somehow during transfer
  11. From an ongoing PBEM: my sharpshooter spots a prime target from his perch, beyond the American Sherman (that is wreaking havoc). As I take a closer look at his target ... it's an American sniper, aiming right back at him. Of course the turn ends with these two squared off in an ultimate long-range dual. Who will shoot first? Whose aim will be true? We'll have to wait for the next 60 seconds. One of those moments that makes the game incredible.
  12. Having the same problem, also on Mac. The License key provided leads to a download that says "MacOs Battle Pack 3.12 Installer" but after running the installation, it appears only the 3.12 update is installed, no Battle Pack.
  13. This comment truly stands the test of time ... carried forward 16 years to provide amusement for a second time. I'll mark my calendar, see you in 2032, when CMFB finally releases!
  14. The primary advantage for having your mortars on map is for direct-lay fire. Probably more useful for the WWII titles, because you're probably correct that they wont last long once spotted by modern AFVs.
  15. Thanks @gnarly ... I used a basic title screen in iMovie. It took some trial and error to get all of the text somewhat in line. As far as the text, I copied from one of the first google image results of "UAV feed". With a little more work it could be even more detailed, with all the various scales and targeting info added in. Its a bit of a pain because the title overlay is basically a text editor, so I don't think it is as easy as placing an image directly over the footage.
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