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Unable to have units acquire equipment in the editor?

Pelican Pal

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It's been reported that the AI will (?now? I think it's a new AI tweak) avail itself of equipment in the vehicle it's dismounting from during play. So an element without a Jav dismounting from a vehicle carrying a launcher will, at least sometimes, grab the ATGM on the way out the door. Hopefully that report is accurate. I don't think they've got as far as having the AI remount troops in vehicles specifically for the purpose of rearming. But if you design a scenario with supply dumps, the gear in those dumps will be distributed amongst that side's pTruppen at game start at least on some difficulty settings. Maybe all; ISTR that they had a problem with the dump element of that system at RT launch, though that may be solved now; might be worth playing with to see if that will do what you're looking for.

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