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How many casualties in this conflict?


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After reading the manual, it gives a brief overview of the conflict, and mentions a few times how both sides are shocked over such high losses.

What are high losses in this conflict? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, more? What about equipment losses? Dozens of tanks on each side, hundreds?

This interests me, and helps me role play my commander if I knew more of the context in which I am fighting.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Probably something comprable to he Yom Kippur War. Assuming a Ukrainian slugging match I would guess NATO likely lose 10 - 15000 dead, wounded or POW(including Ukranian losses/0. Russia between 15000 and 25000. Lightly wounded men are likely to be patched up pretty quickly and bacjk in combat in a week or two. Seriously wouded are likely going to be out of the war for some time at least.


Tank/IFV losses losses will likely be several hundred on both sides. Although of course many kncke out vehicles are not writeoffs. As you may notice, in this game mny vehiclesare simply knocked out or are desroyed but don't burn. These will be repairable and back in combat within a few days. Those vehicles hat burn are almost certainly writeoffs or will have to be returned to the factory for repair .

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You may recall CMSF NATO module. Those battles were super-tough because there was a high points penalty for losing too many Blue side troops. You gain your objective but suffer 30% casualties in the process and you've lost the battle. I don't recall reading what the casualty threshold for CMBS campaigns are. If it was especially onerous it would probably be mentioned in the orders. I think they're expecting this fictional war to be high-cost.

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