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Any Reviews on this Game ?

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Hi All,


I saw there was one positive review from a German magazine  but was wondering if anyone knew of other critic generated articles? 


I could not see anything on Armchair General or the Wargamer which are my usual 2 sources ...


I am interested in this title (due to theater and scope) but gaming dollars and time are limited - so still on the fence ...


Regards ....

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Thanks for the replies guys.



I had seen both of these and I am very tempted to make the purchase.


One thing though - now that SC3 seems to be aligned with another publisher, is there an article or post that states how this will affect continued development for AOC for SC2 and the ability to create a follow-up to AOC on the SC3 engine?


I already have SC Global Gold and may be interested in SC3 if there is the possibility of an AOC type module.  (I'm not a fan of Africa / Western Front - so the concept behind AOC is very appealing)

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