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N00b seeking help with Soviet campaign


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Greetings from Denmark!

As the title states I am a CM-n00b (RT is my first CM game, BS will be my second).

I've played the tutorial campaign and watched all of ChrisND's latest streams + various youtube vids in order to learn about the mechanics of CM, and I feel that I've got a pretty good understanding of the game and when to use the various orders etc. etc. 

But right off the bat mission 1 of the Soviet campaign is posing a challenge for me! I dont want to keep reloading saves untill I can remember each and every enemy position as that seems like cheating, so instead I've turned to you guys for help (please).


Im trying to focus most of my forces on the extreme left flank in order to avoid assaulting the 1st defensive line head on, my plan was to mop up and secure the left forrest and then "roll up" the 1st line from the left. Im told in the briefing to clear mines on the other side of the river but there actually only seem to be mines in the woodline, but how to clear a path through said mines? Should I just have my sappers crawl through the woods and they'll start marking the mines on their own? But even that seems impossible due to the enemy foxholes and strongpoints inside the forest, these positions are very hard to supress due to the reverse slope on which they are situated, and assaulting them only results in my guys getting blown to bits by those bloody mines! I know Im supposed to suffer heavy casualties (even the briefing tells me), but seeing so many of my poor, poor conscripts getting chewed up is absolutely heartbreaking...so, does anyone have some suggestions as how to approach this scenario? 


Best regards

-Andreas Michaelsen 

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22 years old, so nope.

Right, I wish someone would've done a campaign walkthrough on youtube, it's not that I want ALL the answers it's just that the campaign is so daunting, I mean the battles are HUGE compared to the training campaign and the few smallish scenarios I've tried. Guess Im gonna have to keep trying untill I find a formular that works. Still would like to know how Im supposed to clear mines though...

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Andreas, hi,

All I can do for you is repeat some of the above advice.

When learning CM you need to play very slowly, be very carefully, every digital life counts, and micromanage.

Slowly, slowly, carefully, carefully.. and you will learn the best techniques.

A lot of the campaigns are very tough. Each to their own, but I am not shy about starting again when things go wrong and I have done a Lessons Learnt analysis of which techniques would have worked better.

Good luck,

All the best,


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There was a thread about the Soviet campaign some time ago, couldn't find it unfortunately. I completed this one but took me quite a couple of evenings. I chose to move up left, middle and right. Advance elements where companies of Rifle infantry, each supported by a platoon of Sappers (to mark/discover encountered mines), Su-76's and various other available assets. In short I advanced until contact with the smallest unit available (split rifle squad or sniper), tried to suppress the enemy position with any asset available and then assault with the rifle company. Took about 100 casualties (WIA/KIA) in total IIRC. Might be a good thing to try to advance until the main line and order the Katyusha barrage on it. I ordered it blind without much effect. It will take quite some time for it to land but you can use that to infiltrate further.


I have restarted the thing a couple of times as in the beginning I was expecting the area just beyond the bridges to be mined and spent half an hour crawling sappers across it. Sappers on move orders (no quick or hunt) are pretty good identifying mines, after they have identified them you need to give a mark mines order. Casualties from mines are acceptable.

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