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Taking out 88's in forest, general or airburst arty?

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Don't need to destroy the gun. Just destroy/incapacitate the crew. Tree burst should do it per real life-if they have no top cover.


"Even a little artillery was able to do a lot of damage in these woods. The destructiveness of one tree burst alone was equal to several shells exploding in open ground. But for the first time in France the Germans had the artillery. "They fired all the time. They fired more than we did, and it's the only time I ever saw that happen," remarked an Engineer officer who had been forced to commit his company on the line as infantry and was undergoing his first experience with tree bursts. They had the SP's, too, and these high velocity 88's, bursting into the treetops, added to the hail of shell fragments descending upon us. "

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When you assign,artillery,missiln,you have the option to either pick general (enabled,by default) or antipersonel mode.

I think 88s are a bit bugged at the moment with their crew too hard to kill then they should have been. Can any betatester report that to devs please? I've seen a hail of explosions just behind the gun with no crew casulties. They are really,too resilient them pesky buggers.

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