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New file at the Repository: First Light of Dawn (2014-10-26)

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Some constructive comments:

For the size of the Blue forces, the map is too small.

For the victory conditions defined, Blue can't lose, Red hasn't a chance - because:

1. Blue has nearly a 2-1 ratio over Red

2. Scenario is night where Blue's night vision capability gives them a quantitative edge over Red for spotting.

3. Blue has both a over generous amount of Fixed Wing and Attack Helicopters

I just used a dismounted platoon and the three Bradleys and left the rest at the start position. Using the mortars and air assets, I was on the two hill objectives in under 10 minutes and took the village centre in under 30 minutes with minimal casualties for Blue.

Suggestions for improvement:

Enlarge the map or reduce the Blue Forces. As I stated, I won with just a dismounted platoon and the three Bradleys. If you want to keep dismounted company as the core concept of the scenario, you need a larger map. The map, while well designed, is just too small for a company+ force to maneuver on.

Reduce or eliminate the air assets. Or change the victory conditions to have 'preserve' objectives so Blue has to be mindful of where he puts his airstrikes. In my playthrough, I very nearly leveled the village with my airpower and waltzed into the village center to claim the centre objective.

Make it a day mission instead of night. That would change the scenario dynamic right there. As it was, after my vehicles encountered the right hand trench defenders and made short work of them, the vehicles followed by the dismounted platoon moved up the right side of the map to the right hand hill objective with very little resistance because the defenders couldn't see them. Not a single RPG was fired at the three vehicles in plain sight, not a single shot was fired from the village at the dismounted platoon advancing in open terrain up the right side of the map. The right hand hill objective was mine within 5 minutes of scenario start.

Hopefully, I have not been over critical. It wasn't a terrible scenario by any means but I found it cake walk for blue and for me, it didn't present any challenge, even with leaving most of the blue force in the setup area.

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